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Now Enrolling Winter 2020 Students
Online Level I | Foundation in Essential Oil TherapyThe Online Level One Foundation course offers students a 36 hour introductory course in the use and understanding of 23 Essential Oils through an exclusive, protected digital curriculum of seven classes in 28 videos; each approximately 20 minutes. The College of Botanical Healing Arts provides an in-depth video experience of how essential oils work in the human body and mind, eliciting truth, beauty, and goodness in every class.

The course is an independent, self-study program. It is unique and not offered to users anywhere else online. This class is open to everyone with no previous aromatherapy training required. Upon enrollment and payment, handouts of 140 pages and the two texts will be mailed to you. A Level One Kit of 23 GC/MS analyzed essential oils is available through Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oils. The kit is $299 with your 25% student discount. Contact EVB at 831-425-8218, x1 to place your order. The student can begin with the first video immediately and study at their own pace.
OngoingOngoingAccess Anytime$699Elizabeth Jones
Essential Oil Chemistry Class OnlineRoll up your sleeves and get ready to see chemistry in a whole new light! Dr. Tim is going to show you how fascinating AromaChemistry is and how you can use chemistry in a profound and impactful way. We will revisit the primary biosynthetic pathways, functional groups, and their generalized therapeutic indications. We will outline the most important and juicy chemistry details so that you, the aromatherapy practitioner, can enhance your aromatic practice and maximize your therapeutic results while keeping in mind safety.Online at
OnlineOngoing$39912 CEUsTimothy Miller
Live Level I | Foundation Course in Essential Oil TherapyThe program includes lessons on distillation methods, blending, chemistry of essential oils, physiology of skin and immune system, methods of application, safety data, the study of oils in ancient cultures, and the effectiveness of essential oils on the mind, body, and spirit.January 20, 2020March 9, 2020Mondays
5:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
$69936 CEUsElizabeth Jones
Level II Course 3 | Anatomy & Physiology, Part IThis course provides a comprehensive study of Essential Oils and herbal care in relation to Anatomy and Physiology. The focus of this class is an in-depth study of the human cell and skin, the Skeletal and Muscular System, and the Respiratory System. Students learn how essential oils may strengthen these systems and offer healing when there are imbalances or disease.January 15, 2020February 19, 2020Wednesdays
5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
$45927 CEUsSue ClingingSmith
Level II Course 8 | Energetic HealingStudents are introduced to the mystery of the human etheric body and the chakra system and their connection to the body’s endocrine system. Through class experiences, students explore how a person’s energy field exists and how it is affected by essential oils, learning to discern methods for keeping the body’s aura healthy and promoting spiritual healing. Bach Flowers essences, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Sound Healing and Homeopathy are also discussed and experienced.January 23, 2020March 5, 2020Thursdays
5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
$54432 CEUsElizabeth Jones (and visiting teachers)
Level II Course 9 | Communication & Business SkillsThis course focuses on the ethics of being an Aromatherapy Practitioner. Through communication skills, the student learns how to develop a sound relationship with clients. Also covered: How to start a business, keep records, and maintain other legal considerations. Students prepare a business plan and/or design a brochure and a business card.January 7, 2020February 11, 2020Tuesdays
5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
$45927 CEUsSue ClingingSmith