Online Level I | Foundation Course in Essential Oil Therapy

Online Level I | Foundation Course in Essential Oil Therapy

Online Level I | Foundation Course in Essential Oil Therapy

Online Level I | Foundation Course in Essential Oil Therapy

The Online Level One Foundation course offers students a 36 hour introductory course in the use and understanding of 23 Essential Oils through an exclusive, protected digital curriculum of seven classes in 28 videos; each approximately 20 minutes.  The College of Botanical Healing Arts provides an in-depth video experience of how essential oils work in the human body and mind, eliciting truth, beauty, and goodness in every class.

The course is an independent, self-study program.  It is unique and not offered to users anywhere else online.  This class is open to everyone with no previous aromatherapy training required. Upon enrollment and payment, handouts of 140 pages and the two texts will be mailed to you. A Level One Kit of 23 GC/MS analyzed essential oils is available through Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oils.  The kit is $299 with your 25% student discount.  Contact EVB at 831-425-8218, x1 to place your order.  The student can begin with the first video immediately and study at their own pace.

The student participates with many experiments in methods of use, blending activities, case studies, short papers (usually 2 paragraphs), a quiz and a final exam.  The homework is usually less than two hours per class.  The overall experience helps the student to gain confidence in administering therapeutic uses of essential oils.

Course Overview

The curriculum includes activities and videos to enhance the knowledge and intuition of the student.

It covers historical, practical, emotional, and scientific topics related to aromatherapy. Additionally, it covers skin, basic chemistry, the immune and lymphatic systems, and the brain.

  • What is an Essential Oil
  • Extraction methods
  • Ancient history of Essential Oils
  • Uses in skin care (absorption)
  • Safety and contraindications
  • How to create the appropriate blend
  • Effects on the Immune System
  • Basic Organic chemistry related to Essential Oils
  • International Research in Aromatherapy
  • Ability to stimulate Lymphatic flow
  • Massage techniques
  • Anatomy of Olfactory and Limbic systems
  • Effects on Emotional Wellbeing

Course Objectives

Goals of our Online Level I Course:

  • Focus on self holistic healing for student first
  • Offer practical ways to use essential oils in everyday needs
  • Prepare students to become qualified in the effective and safe use of essential oils
  • Begin the process of case studies with ability to consult with clients, offering individual blends
  • Give students a beginning perspective on an aromatherapy career in health care
  • Prepare students for advanced Level Two classes
  • This course offers skills but it can go deeper intellectually, emotionally and spiritually

The Materials

Payment of $599 includes:

  1. Complete access to videos | 7 classes | 20 minutes each
  2. 140 pages of handouts
  3. 2 Course books:
    1. Aromatherapy A-Z by Patricia Davis
    2. Awaken to Healing Fragrance by Elizabeth Jones
  4. Contact with a live Aromatherapist to answer questions

The handouts and books are included in the cost of the online course.



Payment of $299 for the Level One Essential Oil Kit ( 25% discounted on this Kit only) that includes:


  • COLLEGE OF BOTANICAL HEALING ARTS LEVEL ONE FOUNDATION COURSE ESSENTIAL OIL KIT8ml vial of each of these Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Geranium, Grapefruit, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Thyme, Ylang Ylang4ml vial of each of these Frankincense, Myrrh, Roman Chamomile2ml of these Jasmine Absolute and Rose Absolute3-1-oz bottles of unscented massage oil5-empty 8ml amber glass vials with orifice reducers and cap Packaged in a vinyl bag

The above items will be shipped on registration and request box for kit is checked.

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Progression of the Course


Enroll and Purchase Course Materials

Enroll by registering with password, contact info, and payment through paypal. Wait to receive books, handouts, and essential oil kit.

Begin Course

Receive Materials and Begin Class

After you receive books, handouts, and essential oil kit, you can begin class immediately.

Watch Videos

Watch Videos and Study Course Materials

Videos can be viewed as often as desired using your unique password.

Complete Homework

Email homework for each of the 7 classes, the quiz, and final exam to, and it will be graded by a COBHA staff member.

Take Quiz

Complete Online Quiz

After the first 4 lessons are completed, you will take the mid-term quiz.

Take Final Exam

Complete Final Exam Online

After you have completed all of the online video classes, you are ready for the the final exam.

Receive Certificate of Completion


You are ready for the Level II Classes!


Additional Information


  • Level I is a pass/fail course.
  • After completion, the student is now eligible for all Level II courses, which are currently only available as live classes at COBHA in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • COBHA is a state certified College by the California Bureau of Private Post Secondary Education, and we are a CEU provider through the CA Board of Registered Nursing.
  • COBHA will notify student of future online courses.
  • When an online forum for asking questions with Elizabeth Jones and COBHA graduates is available, you will be notified.

Enjoy this fascinating Foundation Course in Essential Oil Therapy!

Course Intro Video


  1. Class 1 | Introduction

  2. Class 1 | Part 1

  3. Class 1 | Part 2

  4. Class 1 | Part 3

  5. Class 1 | Part 4

  6. Class 1 | Part 5

  7. Class 1 | Part 6

  8. Class 1 | Part 7

  9. Class 1 | Part 8

  10. Class 2 | Part 1

  11. Class 2 | Part 2

  12. Class 2 | Part 3

  13. Class 2 | Part 4

  14. Class 2 | Part 5

  15. Class 3 | Part 1

  16. Class 3 | Part 2

  17. Class 3 | Part 3

  18. Class 4 | Part 1

  19. Class 4 | Part 2

  20. Class 4 | Part 3

  21. Class 4 | Part 4

  22. Class 4 | Part 5

  23. Class 4 | Part 6

  24. Class 5 | Part 1

  25. Class 5 | Part 2

  26. Class 5 | Part 3

  27. Class 5 | Part 4

  28. Class 5 | Part 5

  29. Class 6 | Part 1

  30. Class 6 | Part 2

  31. Class 6 | Part 3

  32. Class 6 | Part 4

  33. Class 7 | Part 1

  34. Class 7 | Part 2

  35. Class 7 | Part 3

  36. Class 7 | Part 4