Application Process

Enrolling into our program

Enrolling into our program is easy! The requirements are simple, do you have a high school diploma or equivalent? Call our office to speak to the administrator. They will send you the Enrollment Agreement, and ask you to send a short autobiography, two letters of recommendation. Please be prepared to make a non-refundable payment of $50 for the registration fee. We accept credit card, PayPal or check.

Application Process

Open House

COBHA holds open houses three times a year.

Staff members and faculty highlight either lavender, geranium, or rosemary through demonstrations and infused treats, and often include mini-lectures by the COBHA faculty and staff.

These orientations are very helpful in becoming familiar with the staff, faculty, classroom, and COBHA’s principals.

Students receive 10% off Level 1 classes at Open Houses.

Admission Policy

Admissions Procedure and Entrance Requirements

1. A student must be 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or the equivalent.

2. A student must submit a completed application and a non-refundable deposit of $50.

3. A student must schedule an in- person or telephone interview with a school administrator.


An application for enrollment is available online, in office, or through email or fax.

All questions must be answered in detail and will be reviewed during the interview.

Click here to download the EnrollmentApplication2178.

Application Fee

A $50 application fee is required to process the enrollment application.

This fee must accompany the application in order for enrollment to be considered. It is not part of the tuition, nor is it refundable.

Acceptance Into the Program

After the applicant and the application have been evaluated, the interviewer will determine if the COBHA program and the prospective student are compatible.

A confirmation of acceptance will be confirmed via phone, mail, or email to the student upon completion of the interview process.


In order to enroll yourself in a Level One or Level Two class, you must make a deposit of $100 exactly two weeks before the first class is scheduled. This fee is part of your enrollment tuition and secures your place in the class.

If you pay in full for any Level One or Level Two class one month in advance, a 10% discount is awarded.

Click here to download the Student Enrollment Agreement

Attendance Policies

Attendance is required at all classes unless web cam or correspondence course is used.

A student cannot miss more than 20% of a live class. Registration for a class represents a commitment to organize one’s life to be present and on time to every class. Classes begin promptly at the scheduled hour.

Absences require advanced notification; plans for makeup must be arranged with the instructor. The instructor will provide options for making up work missed. Tests, assignments and class work missed must be made up according to the contract signed upon registration.


Requirements for Graduation

1. Complete all courses (446 hours) with passing grade of C or better, including completing all examinations and assignments.

2.  Complete a Clinical Internship.

3.  Complete a Red Cross Basic First Aid And adult CPR class.

Pay all tuition and fees in full.

Complete a final three-four hour written examination and a one- hour oral  examination.