COBHA Alumni

As a COBHA graduate there are many places you can take your certification. From becoming a practitioner, instructor, aesthetician, massage therapists, chemical analyst of essential oils, distiller, advocate for essential oils, and much more. Over the last 20 years we have had dozens of graduates and here are a few that would love to give their feedback on the program and where they have taken their certification!


Christine Nickell, Certified Essential Oil Therapist & Certified Reflexologist

Since graduating from COBHA in July of 2010 I have grown my practice, Botanical Reflexology at the Galleria Wellness Center. I blend the ancient healing modalities of Aromatherapy and Reflexology in my practice. I opened up the Galleria Wellness Center in January 2011, in downtown Santa Cruz. The GWC is an integrative health center comprised of acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, herbs, massage, psychotherapy, reflexology, tai chi and yoga. 
I started this journey into the healing arts and sciences while at COBHA. COBHA helped to give me the business tools and essential oil knowledge to start my practice and my wellness center. I love my work and the stories people tell through the souls of their feet. I am grateful to have COBHA in our town and I will continue to teach there and take workshops.


Jane Handler, CMEOT, Natural Perfumer, and Co-Founder of Ajne Organic Systems



Jane began her love affair with the magical scents and healing properties of pure and precious plants as a child playing in front of her neighbor's aromatic lilacs on warm summer evenings.  These plants and their scent captured her imagination and drew her to the world of beauty where she worked as a Vice President for a major beauty product company.  


Jane loved organic ingredients like lavender and cedar.  Yet, she dreamed of creating formulas from far more precious organic ingredients ~ some reputed to possess powerful healing effects.  And with that, her life's work became clear.  Inspired to pursue her passion, Jane followed her nose on a 12 year quest, immersing herself in self-study and attending accredited institutions and teachers of plant alchemy and distillation.  Today, she is a certified Master Essential Oil Therapist and Herbalist.Jane is also recognized as a gifted natural, organic perfumer and product formulator.  She and her husband combine ancient alchemy with the latest technology to grow, source and distill the world's most breathtaking plant oils into the finest, safest, natural and organic perfume, skin care, body care and ambient fragrance systems.


Lynn Hanchett, CEOT 

Silicon Valley’s Lynn Hanchett, owner of The Healing Garden Your Aroma Pathway to Better Health, is a practicing aromatherapist with an abiding interest in people and plants.

Your session with Lynn might begin with a stress-reducing stroll in Lynn’s perennial garden while you engage in a comfortable discussion. As you walk through this generous garden, the 50,000 peptide receptors found in the nose (different on each side) will have already begun to apprehend the plant-based magic of essential oil therapy as it is found in nature and even in the earth itself. The pituitary gland, known as the master gland, will already be busily relaying healing input and sending instantaneous directives throughout the body.

Based upon a careful review of your health history as well as a discussion of your current life style, stresses and troublesome issues, Lynn will prepare custom essential oils blends designed to put you back on the path to health as well as physical and emotional balance. You will learn how to integrate the use of your blend(s) into your lifestyle to achieve the best results. You will also learn about EO safety; (and you will be cautioned against ingesting the oils). You will receive nutritional, herbal and life-style suggestions.

If your schedule permits, request Lynn’s soothing foot massage incorporating the use of specifically appropriate essential oils preceded by a relaxing foot bath. This personalized treatment designed to nourish mind, body, and spirit stimulates the 7000 nerve endings found in the feet. At the same time, the largest pores in the body which are located in the soles of the feet, are simultaneously apprehending aromatic messages. Gentle music flows in around you and a vision of the garden fills your senses. You will be suffused with a feeling of well-being and complete relaxation as your body starts to recover from the effects of stress and imbalance.

Lynn will share her knowledge of Aromatherapy in general and the specific oils that will best support the unique organism that is you. She will involve you in the active selection of the oils most suitable to support your life and conditions. Lynn is available for private consultation, group presentations, aroma blends, hand and foot massage, herbs, nutritional and holistic guidance.


Michaela Boldy, Professional Certification in Essential Oils Therapy 

In the New Year of 1998 I was a registered nurse fresh from British NHS hospitals, newly landed in Santa Clara County, and desperate to find an aromatherapy course. My nurse training had sparked my initial interest in aromatherapy and my mother had for many years being using essential oils for home remedies. In my early twenties I’d sat on a deserted Malaysian island dreaming up a plan to leave nursing and open up my own aromatherapy business. With a move to California due to my husband’s job, I was determined to start my aromatherapy career. I found Elizabeth’s Santa Cruz college and was eager to delve into her classes.


It is thanks to Elizabeth that I eventually got into aromatherapy for childbirth. Elizabeth, knowing I was interested in aromatherapy for children, gave me a photocopied newspaper article about the Oxford study of essential oils in labor.


My on-going passion for using aromatherapy in childbirth has resulted in my products being sold in hospital stores and being used in a clinical study at El Camino hospital, which demonstrated aromatherapy is effective for promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety during labor. I taught infant massage classes and designed and taught aromatherapy workshops in massage schools in the SFO Bay Area. More recently, I now have a publishing date for my aromatherapy book and my products are being re-launched via a private label with EVB.


Over the past twenty years the English National Health Service (NHS) have incorporated aromatherapy into nursing and midwifery. There are national courses to allow midwives and nurses to become certified in clinical aromatherapy and both the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of Midwives have accepted aromatherapy as one of the most regular used alternative therapies used in NHS hospitals. Possibly the most regular use of essential oils in British hospitals is in midwifery. The Oxford Brookes study into essential oil use in intra-partum care initiated the practice of aromatherapy in childbirth. Hospital protocols enable British midwives to use essential oil blends in childbirth and postpartum care. Researching for my book, I found some British hospitals allow midwives to send women home with essential blends to help progress slow labors.



My biggest regret from my times at COBHA is that I was away the days Elizabeth scheduled workshops by Dr. Jane Buckle and Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt. Alongside Elizabeth, Jane and Kurt have had significant roles in propelling aromatherapy into US hospitals. I was thankful when Jane kindly returned an email to help with information I required at the start of up of my business. In 2009, the San Francisco Examiner wrote an article highlighting Kurt’s scientific research and my own hospital work, and it is now a privilege to have Elizabeth agree to endorse my writing.


For all the current and future students of COBHA I recommend you keep your passion for aromatherapy burning and no matter how hard you have to work and how long it takes, you’ll reach your goal in the end. I had to close my budding aromatherapy business due to moving back across the Atlantic. I have been back in England for over seven years and most of my time has been dealing with remodeling a Victorian cottage, helping my children with their school lives, giving voluntary infant massage classes for underprivileged young mothers, and taking years rather than months to write my manuscript! To help pay the bills I also work as a healthcare recruitment consultant.


As a COBHA student I admired Elizabeth’s passion for essential oils, her foresight for seeing essential oils had the potential for being incorporated into hospitals, and her growing plans for both COBHA and the EVB store. I’m extremely thankful that I was one of Elizabeth’s students and I’m exhilarated to be a part of the move forward with aromatherapy into U.S clinical settings. With my book and re-introduction of sales of my products I look forward to getting the word out on a big scale that aromatherapy is a safe, effective, and easy to use therapy for childbirth.